Dramatic moment on the roof of the Libyan embassy as a hooded protester get too near to the edge and almost falls.  ©Paul Stewart 

Welcome to Paul Stewart Media, here you will find out about the company, what we do and what we can do for you. The company started life as a news and feature press agency and this is still very much a core part of our business.  Paul Stewart was the founder and one of the original directors of Images Sans Frontiers Ltd,  the first press agency to use exclusively digital delivery systems for pictures and words.  This was in 1996 before the internet was still in it’s infancy, yet even then Stewart realised the future would be in web publishing and created the company’s first website.

Now we are fully committed to being a publishing company as well.  We are involved with print, web and music publishing, with a range of online magazines and websites published and customised for clients.  We have book and fine art print publishing through our subsidiary Photography into ART   and we have new online magazines that will launch in Q1 of 2019.  Sites we maintain for clients include the renowned British HiFi brand Art Audio.

As a company we provide services to a whole range of clients, from  editorial and advertising services (including photography, editing and journalism), for national newspaper groups to programme content for international radio station clients.  We provide corporate TV/video services to to a range of clients that stretches through private companies and local councils  to UK government departments.  We can offer a full range of PR and press relations back up services too.  In fact in this field we are a “Full Content” provider, able to produce a fully integrated media package for a client.  We are full members of the National Association of Press Agencies

Our subsidiary company One Eleven Music are members of PRS for Music  and it offers music publishing, music production and recording services to musicians and record companies.  We are actively seeking composers of film and library music that we can publish to a wider audience and that we can use in our own productions.