Paul “Doc” Stewart – Record Producer

Although well known for Psychobilly, as a sound engineer and producer, Doc Stewart has worked with a hugely diverse roster of musicians from the 1970s onward.  Acts as diverse as Rick Wakeman and The New Seekers, Mari Wilson and Ruby Turner, King Kurt and even Coventry F.C.  In the early seventies, impressed by some recordings Stewart had made of A Phantasy Circus, (a duo of brothers who were part of the Psychedelic Rock scene and supported the likes of Hawkwind, Here and Now band, Zorch and many others), A friend who was a roadie took him along to some sessions were David O’ List formerly of the Nice and Roxy Music was rehearsing a new band.  Stewart found the both the technical and the artistic aspects of making music appealed to him and the rest is, as they say, history.

While working t the iconic Rainbow Theatre in London were he did live sound and ran the rehearsal facility, he was asked by the owners to design, install and run the recording studio, which he did before travelling to Charleston South Carolina, where he worked as a recording engineer, radio producer and presenter and as a TV director, even appearing in one of the adverts he directed.  

After returniing to England in1983 while doing live sounds and pursuing his parallel career in photography, Stewart was asked to run the Village Way Recorders studio in Harrow, as the owner Ozzy Byrnes, (discoverer and first producer of the BeeGees), was ill and could no longer run the business.  While working there as the house engineer, he met Roy Williams owner of Nervous Records, the world’s leading Rockabilly and Psychobilly label and the pair started working together.  It was at this time Stewart founded I•II MUSIC You can read more about his involvement in this genre at the Rockabilly Chronicles website.

and you can see his discography on Discogs